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Controlling Your Property


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Although we are unable to provide finances for treatment at this time, continuing treatment or control practices the best you can is important; as many of these invasive species take a few years to combat and a break from treatment could back peddle work already done.

Please contact us if you are interested in a property visit to verify an invasive species or for further guidance on what steps to take. If you are treating a high priority invasive species in wet environments, we are able to assist in obtaining the required DEQ permit needed.

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If you are up for doing the work yourself, you may legally apply non-restricted-use pesticides on your own property. As an additional resource for identification, treatment and removal, links to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources guides are provided below. Please feel free to contact us for further advice or assistance.​

TOOL CRIB RENTAL - Rent our tools to do invasive species removal on your property. Click Here for more information. 

Signing a Contract


To help with your efforts, two lists of contractors have been provided below. The clickable file contains contractors throughout the state and the table below that are vendors that are likely to operate within the five counties of the CM-CISMA. When considering hiring a contractor it is recommended that you verify with the company that they hold a license for the habitat being treated, along with a valid Pesticide Applicator Certification. 

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