Tool Crib Rental

Are you looking to do invasive species removal on your property and don't want to spend the money on buying a tool? Or don't want to use chemicals? Our tool crib gives a nice alternative. Below is a list of tools that we have for rent, along with the rental charge per day*. 

Please contact us with any questions you may have about the tools for rent; we are happy to help!

For you to pre-read before rental. This will be printed and filled out at the time of rental. 

*Per day rental is a 24 hour period. Tools must be picked up and returned during regular business hours (Mon-Fri: 8-5). Weekends will be charged for 2 days with pickup on Friday and return Monday morning. 

Price includes taxes. 

- Tools are currently located in our Midland office location - 

Hand Tools - No other equipment needed

Up to 2"

Up to 3"

1/2" to 1" diameter

Japanese Knotweed Injector - $25

To be used with chemicals. List of what to use is provided. Best time to use is late July/Early August.

Hand Removal Tool Kit - $15

Includes: Hand Saw, Loppers, Handy-brush puller (removes trees 1/2" - 1").

Uprooter (Removes up to 2" trees/shrubs)- $12

Uprooter (Removes up to 3" trees/shrubs)- $18

For use with other equipment

Up to 4"

Up to 6"

Brush Grubber (Up to 4")- $15

Brush Grubber Extreme

(Up to 6")- $25

- Brush Grubber - To be used with ATV, UTV, or Compact Utility Tractor.

- Brush Grubber Extreme - To be used with Pick-up, SUV, Tractor, or Skid Loader. 

Clump Grubber - $12

For use with clumps of trees less than 1" diameter or shrubs. To be used with ATV, UTV, or Compact Utility Tractor.

Contact Us! We are your invasive species HOTLINE

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