Prevent the Spread



You can stop the spread of invasive species with a few easy tips​​


  • Brush off shoes before exiting a location

    • Do this with a boot scrubbing brush (pictured) or a simple cleaning brush​

  • Clean off tools and equipment before exiting a location. These things include items such as shovels, clippers, tractors, bikes, ORVs or boats. 


  • Choose plants that are native and promote native species, such as butterflies​.

  • Be aware of plants that are advertised as "fast-growing," "predator free," or "insect resistant." These plants can have adverse effects on native plants, animals and insects.

  • Do not dump yard waste in natural areas; this can spread unwanted seeds from your yard into natural areas.

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  • DO NOT prune oak trees between April 15th and July 15th.

    • If you must prune an oak tree in this time frame, or if the tree is wounded, paint the wound with latex paint.​

  • DO NOT move fire wood

    Helpful Resources: 

Oak wilt pressure pad, before and after being cut open.

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