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Protecting Waterways in the Saginaw Bay Watershed

    - September 2019 through September 2022

    - United States Forest Service/Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Grant

These two-year grants were awarded to CISMAs proposing work that will impact the larger Great Lakes watershed; the CM-CISMA's main watershed of impact being the Saginaw Bay. Under this grant we will be doing treatment work on road right-of-ways, river front property, and public nature areas. These areas were picked due to safety concerns with visibility, clogged waterways, potential for spread, and native areas being lost to invasive species. Areas being treated are located in Gladwin and Midland County, with treatment proposed to start in 2021 and continue in 2022. 

- US Forest Service Press Release


- CM-CISMA Press Release

Grant Updates:

- The first phase of this grant has been completed. This phase included surveying the proposed properties through the coordinator. Planning is underway to have a contractor in place. Treatment is projected to begin in the spring and continue through the summer, with two treatments taking place the first year and an additional follow up treatment taking place the second year.