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Boot Brush Signage in the Five Counties

One of our goals as a CISMA is to educate the public on invasive species, but it's also nice to be able to give people the tools they need to help themselves to stop the spread. We are currently in the process of getting education signage with a boot brush attachment in each of our five counties. Currently, we have installed them in every county except for Clare, but we are working on finding just the right spot for there as well. 
Keep your eyes peeled for these signs when you're out hiking and be sure to make use of the brushes when entering and exiting the trails!

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Galerucella (Purplse Loosestrife) Beetles

As you may already know, last summer (2021) the CM-CISMA did a 42 mile survey of the Tittabawassee River to see what sort of changes came about after the dam failures and subsequent flooding of 2020. One of the things we found was that all the areas of dried up lakebed had become growing space for purple loosestrife, which meant hundred of new acres for it to spread to. 
Instead of spraying the whole thing, since there are plenty of native things growing in that area too and taking out native species isn't really our thing, we decided to release some beetles in strategic locations. These beetles feed on nothing but loosestrife and should be able to reproduce and spread to the areas of the lake bed and river's edge that we don't end up directly releasing them at. 

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